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  • Edad: De 14 a 17 años
  • País: España
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Modalidades: Familia

We are thrilled that you are interested in embarking on a cultural and linguistic immersion experience in Spain. Apart from the excitement of spending time in a foreign country, we understand that you have many questions. In this section of our website we will attempt to clarify as many of your questions as possible. However, we believe that one of the reasons why thousands of parents and students have chosen us for the past 22 years has been because of our personal and individual attention to our clients. Do not hesitate to call us about any questions that you may have. Ad Astra will provide the care, safety and quality experience that any family participating in a program of this nature should require. Our extensive experience, professional team and deep knowledge of study abroad programs will guarantee that you have an unforgettable experience.
Spain is much more than bull fighting and flamenco dancing. From the Moorish influence in Andalucía to the Celtic heritage in Galicia and beyond, Spain is rich with a mixture of modern and historic culture. Ad Astra invites you to close your Spanish history book and come to immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture in the city of La Coruña, Galicia. By walking on the paseo maritimo, engaging in conversations with native host families, and participating in an academic experience at a Spanish High School, you will be able to fully understand and appreciate the Spanish way of life.

¿Que incluye?

Round-trip Airfare

Transfer to and from the airport

Orientation upon arrival

Homestay with breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided

Ad Astra supervision

Cultural Excursions around the city of La Coruña (guided tour, museum visits, local cultural events)

Day trip to Santiago de Compostela

Two day trip to Madrid

First Aid

Periodical reports and updates

¿Que no incluye?

Medical Insurance (optional)

Spanish Language Course

Personal Expenses

Transportation to and from school (responsibility of host family)

Programa académico

In our high school exchange program, the security and well being of the participant comes first. That being said, AD ASTRA aims to develop flexible and complete programs so that students can make the most of their experience and take part in as many cultural experiences as possible. Students will be attending classes at a prestigious secondary school in the city of La Coruña. They will be able to choose from a list of pre-selected courses that they can participate in along side native Spanish students. In addition to mainstream classes, AD ASTRA students will be taking a Spanish language class with a professor from the Spanish High School. Students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities in the afternoons throughout the duration of their exchange program. Activities will include a guided tour of the city of La Coruña, museum visits, and excursions to surrounding areas in the region, like Santiago de Compostela, known for its cathedral, the ending point for the pilgrimage of St. James’ Way.


La Coruña is a historic city located on the northwestern Atlantic coast of Spain. It is a city of about 250,000 inhabitants. The city is comprised of the “Old City” and the “New City.” The Old City is home to a Romanesque collection of streets, squares, and medieval churches. Where the Old City ends, at the tip of the peninsula on which the city sits, you will find the oldest working Roman lighthouse in the world, called the Tower of Hercules. Closer to the New City, The Aquarium Finisterrae, the Domus and the Science Museum are some of the places that show the more modern, recreational side of the provincial capital. You can talk a stroll along the 13 kilometer maritime boardwalk which borders the city as well as the famous Riazor and Orzán beaches. All this is completed with cuisine recognized throughout the country, marked by the excellence of its seafood and meats coming from the inland parts of the province.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Alojamiento e instalaciones Students will be living with host families. In most cases the host families will have students that attend the same school that the American student will be attending. The host school is in charge of finding host families for each student. The home stay is an important part of the immersion program for both the family and the student. While the American student is learning about Spanish culture, he or she is also teaching a Spanish family about American culture and customs. The Spanish family invites the student to be one of the family. The student will have the same responsibilities and privileges as other family members. Most importantly, students must respects house rules and family traditions. Spanish families may have a tennis club they go to in the afternoons or they may have lunch on the weekends at extended family member’s houses. You are invited and encouraged to go with them.


Final prices will be determined when the dates and travel options have been decided Desde 1.800€ Starting at 1,800 euros (USD equivalent to be calculated upon reserving the course) Pide info