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Greetings from Eastbourne!

After leaving our parents at Santiago’s airport, a long trip ahead of us was planned. We took the plane to London airport and arrived safely with all of our belongings. No missed bags! Pretty weird for that to happen at an airport!

After we left the airport, rooms were assigned to sleep. We probably all felt asleep quickly after such long day!

We began the activities next day doing the english placement test to be in groups with friends that speak more or less the same level of english. After that, we enjoyed some sport activities inside the campus such as basketball, soccer or even playing board games. At night we played a soccer match all together!

During the next days we have also visited the so called “beach” even tho it is a bunch of rocks all pilled up together, but the views make it worth it to go there.

We have also seen the sunset and took there a group picture. We really did enjoy those views with the orange horizon ahead of us!

We having a lot of fun, making new friends from other countries and we are brave enough to speak and understand each other in english! We have a lot of activities planned in the future like going to the Brighton pier or London! It is going to be fantastic!




Ad Astra Group Leader




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